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Frank and Penelope

Ok, I'm going to start off the review by saying this, this is not a good film. It is crass, poorly written and overbaked. However, it was a very entertaining one thanks to the main actor and actress. Their story was energetic, fun and the chemistry between the duo grew on me throughout the film. On the other hand, the acting ranged from very over the top to just plain bad, especially from the people playing the villians and the vast majority of everyone who isn't Frank or Penelope. Also, some of the plot points felt hamfisted into the story, or mashed in from other, much better films. I feel if the director/writer didn't include so many random storylines to pad out the runtime, it would've made for a much better film. The genre bending should've been left out as well. Should've stuck with the erotic drama/thriller It would've shaved some time off that almost 2 hour runtime and it would've helped the pacing feel more vibrant, violent and fun. Sometimes, it's riviting and provocative. Other times, it is completely idiot and on the same level as a scifi channel original. I do admire the filmmakers for trying because it was oddly entertaining and it kept my interest throughout, in an unapologetic kind of a way. Overall, I'd say if you have nothing better to watch, it's not the worst thing out there to watch. You will laugh, you will roll your eyes, but you will probably make it to the end and not feel bad about watching it. 3 dynamic duos out of 5.